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JALG Gutscheine & Deals im März 2021


JALG is a modern TV-stand designed to complement your home, by turning your TV into a stylish piece of furniture and providing a great deal of space efficiency.


The JALG TV-stand is simple and strong, being absolutely elegant accessory that will make a bold impression in your interior. Inspired by mid-century design aesthetics and modern minimalism, the JALG TV-stand brings out nostalgic memories while preserving a modern design and sleek contemporary ambiance.


JALG is a minimalist Scandinavian design TV stand unlike anything else, established since 2017. Handmade in Estonia with precision-cut metal and Scandinavian solid woods.


The iconic JALG TV stand comes in a range of different finishes and designs for both small and large TVs.


GutscheineDeal.de bietet kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung JALG Gutscheincode und Deals für Ihre nächste einkaufen, um Ihnen Geld zu sparen.

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Hairpin / RAW STEEL TV stand, at 269.00€ – JALG TV Stands

HAIRPIN LEGS / RAW STEEL TV stand is 100% unprocessed and raw bare steel. It will rust, even indoors, but it's perfect if you want to finish the legs yourself. Or if you want to achieve an industrial,... mehr ››

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BIRCH / WHITE TV Stand, at 289.00€ – JALG TV Stands

JALG BIRCH White TV stand is a light and elegant piece of furniture with a beautiful matte, white wood texture. The white shade is easy to match with light interiors. Konditionen: - Offer valid u... mehr ››

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OAK / Natural Oil Wax TV stand at 299.00 EUR – JALG TV Stands

Handmade from solid oak and precision-cut, premium-grade carbon steel, with a unique & natural wax finish. JALG TV Stand is a modern take on classic, mid-century modern Scandinavian style. Konditio... mehr ››

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Hairpin TV Stands 42″-65″ from 249.00 EUR – JALG TV Stands

Clean lines and colors fit right into both modern and classical living room interiors. With an elegant steel frame, the hairpin TV Stands both support your TV and makes a lively statement in your inte... mehr ››

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Classic Collection TV Stands 42″-65″ at 319.00€ EUR – JALG TV Stands

The Classic Collection consists of vintage inspired TV stands that have been hand detailed with unique techniques and textures. Exquisite materials and designs are used with these very limited produc... mehr ››

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